About JapanesePhotos.Asia

Andrew is a travel photographer currently based in central Japan. He specialises in showing the honest and the kitsch side of life where ever he goes. He likes to show his special blend of street photography, cityscape, and in-situ portraiture to really bring out the locla aesthetic. Andrew's style and experience is built on him having lived in Taiwan, Korea, Australia, the UK, and his trips to Vietnam, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Cambodia, Macao, and even a weekend in rainy Hong Kong. He has learnt ways to quickly pick up on local eccentricities and idiosyncrasies, and so he does his best to show these. It's always a fun challenge, exactly what photography should be.

Andrew is available for assignment work to most countries. More information about his Assignment Work and other services, and Contact him.

A self portrait, JapanesePhotos.Asia
A self portrait made on film (no digital manipulation).